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Suvarna is a musician and composer. Her latest CD is called This Dewdrop World and was released by

White Swan Records in the USA in 2003 and by Aquarius Music in Europe in 2006. Her fellow musicians

for this project were Ravi and producer Martyn Phillips.



"Suvarna is a chill princess!"  Castro Online


"Suvarna's powerful, soaring voice pierces one�s heart and draws

upon a deep sense of spirit." Yoga Basics Magazine


"...a spectacular vocalist"  New Age Retailer

Suvarna has released three CDs:

Fire of the Oracle


This Dewdrop World


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Look for Suvarna's music in these compilations:

Sun and Six Senses by Claude Challe

Shakti - a compilation from Gabrielle Roth

Chill Out in Paris III by David Visan

Yoga Mela and Jai Ma from White Swan Recods

Goddess Groove from Music Mosaic



A copy of Energia was carried by astronaut Kalpana Chawla on NASA Flight 113 STS-107, the space shuttle mission which ended in the tragic loss of the crew and the shuttle Columbia. I would like to honour Kalpana, although I never met her, as an intelligent, inspiring and courageous woman with a gorgeous smile. I don't know if she listened to my CD, but I like to think that she might have done so in her days aboard the shuttle.




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